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Eating purple sweet potatoes is not only a funky fun way to eat your food, but it's also crazy healthy for you!

We celebrate the lunar new year here at Beviva, so try PURPO snacks at 20% off your entire order with code '20luckyyear' at checkout Jan 24 - 27.

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What makes our cereal different?

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Here's why you should #GoPURPO:

1) Be on trend - try the first & only snack brand dedicated to the rare-find and goodness of purple sweet potatoes.

2) Support a woman-owned business who's company is named after her three kids and is sharing her story to help others eat healthy on the go.

3) PURPO will come to the rescue - if your stomach's growled once this week, let PURPO be your sidekick to keep your tummy fueled.

4) Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 

SNACK PACKS Now Available! 
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Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack

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