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What is PURPO?

It's everything purple sweet potato in the convenient form of delicious wholesome snacks that's good for your carry pouch & sensitive tummy. 

May I show you how PURPO can ease the hassle of eating healthy on the go? Please scroll below and click the chat icon or here anytime for assistance. 


Why do we 💜 purple sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are great for digestion and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but did you know that the purple-fleshed ones contain a special super power?

They're called 'anthocyanins' [an-thuh-sahy-uh-nins], and not only do they give the gorgeous color, they're an antioxidant that researchers have linked to health benefits like increased longevity, cardiovascular health, and cancer prevention. (Not to mention they're also stunning on your palette.)

Here's why people like travelers, chefs, and health coaches around the world love PURPO so much...

Purple sweet potatoes are good for everyone, especially women.
They're high in fiber, beta carotene and anthocyanins, which are potent for cancer prevention.

Chef Mareya @eatcleaner, Author & Speaker

PURPO gives me the true cereal experience while still being travel and TSA friendly.
Check them out if you’re a cereal lover!

Matt @theveggiepilot

PURPO nourishes the body, supports the digestive system, and tastes great.
They truly help people live a healthier lifestyle.

Christy Jones @christyholistichealth | Holistic Coach


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