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Perfect Quarantine Snack Boxes To Stay Healthy While Supporting Small Businesses During COVID-19

The global health crisis brought on by COVID-19 has drastically remodeled our daily routines as we slowly adjust to social distancing and self-isolation. This impact extends to businesses of all sizes as they, too, try to pivot and adapt to the current situation. In particular, snack companies that cater to on-the-go lifestyles are now pushed to rethink their operations, as their patrons are now snacking at home rather than on the road. 

If you want to know how you can support small businesses during these challenging times, then keep reading!


How is Beviva responding to COVID-19?

At Beviva, we are dedicated to making nutritious yet flavorful foods accessible to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle or have digestive sensitivities. Regardless of whether you're on the go or staying at home, we believe that it is important to have delicious and satisfying mini-meals to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Snacking often gets a bad rep but it can actually offer health benefits when done properly. It can help keep your hunger levels in check so that you don’t end up eating way more than your body needs at mealtime. It also helps prevent fatigue after meals from consuming too many calories in one sitting.

However, as we are now all tethered to our homes during these uncertain times, it can be easy to fall into the trap of stress eating or mindless snacking. A great tip is to plan snacks out just as you would for lunch or dinner. Using our snack planner, you can be more conscious of what you are eating so that there are fewer late-night pantry raids. We have also curated a snack recipe book (get it here!) featuring our personal favorite, the purple sweet potato.  All the recipes are super delicious and easy to make, perfect as a mid-afternoon activity with the kids!

If you love PURPO as much as we do or would like to introduce our awesome snacks to loved ones, we also have multiple snack pack options for you to choose from. The Home Care Snack Pack is also currently on sale with free shipping for May so that you can easily enjoy PURPO snacks at home!

PURPO Home Care Pack

What are other small businesses that would love my support?  

If like us, you are trying to avoid going to the supermarket as much as possible, then snack boxes are perfect for you. Not only do they arrive right at your doorstep, but it is also an excellent opportunity to try out plant-based foods that you may not find at your local grocery store. You may even discover a new favorite!

Here are other small businesses that have pivoted in response to COVID-19 and now also offer awesome food boxes to help you through quarantine.



Vegancuts Snack Box

Vegancuts' subscription boxes make plant-based living effortless. Each product is carefully selected and tested by box curators so you can be sure that each unboxing will be a delightful experience. In response to COVID-19, Vegancuts launched 3 curated boxes with pantry items and toiletry essentials (all vegan of course!) on top of their usual yummy snack boxes to make self-isolation easier. Also, a portion of all proceeds is donated to non-profit animal sanctuaries!

(Special News: Catch PURPO in the May Vegancuts snack box!)


Taste Revit

If you would like to include more delicious plant-based foods in your diet, you would want to give Taste Revit a try! Similar to Beviva, the Founders of Taste Revit also found that tasty plant-based foods can be difficult to find while on-the-go, hence they created a travel box that is convenient and transit-friendly. Their travel box contains meals, snacks and beverages from selected artisanal brands, curated as a morning or evening meal in a single box. This is perfect for those of us who like to experiment and discover lesser-known plant-based products.

If you are planning to go on a secluded hike (keeping at least 6 feet distance from fellow hikers of course) as summer rolls around, we would recommend the PM Travel Box to fuel your adventure!

J&J Vending

J and J Vending

J&J Vending Inc. is a family-owned office vending and micro-market service. In response to office closures due to COVID-19, the company now offers a variety of snack boxes depending on your personal tastes. If you're a fan of cookies, they offer a Cookie Monster Snack Box with 15 different cookies for you to try! Each box can also contain a customized note to let your friends and family know that you are thinking about them.


These are challenging times for us all and while it may not be possible for everyone to financially support every single small business, simply write a review or share the word on social media can make a great difference.

Remember to stay home, wash your hands, and support local or small businesses whenever possible!