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Hopping Back To School? Top 4 Snackbox Tips To Make Eating Healthy At School Easy (For You And The Kids!)

Summer is coming to an end, and before we know it, it’s time for our kids to jump back to school. While our kids are more excited about seeing their friends than doing homework, again, us moms are imagining the ideal morning of getting the kids out the door relaxingly and with time to spare. That’s why, as a busy Mompreneur myself, I’m always looking for ways to streamline the getting-ready process and make my family’s mornings flow a little better.

Here are some of my top snackbox tips to make eating healthy at school easy and even fun for the kids. These tips are also applicable to work and travel, so you always have fresh and delicious snacks on the hop! 

Tip 1: Frozen Sandwiches

Don’t have time to make lunch in the morning? Make sandwiches in bulk and freeze them to cut down on daily prep time! The sandwich will thaw throughout the day, making it the perfect cold sandwich when lunchtime rolls around. Most common sandwich fillings that freeze well, including:

  • Nut/seed butters, great for pairing with jam but make sure to spread the nut/seed butter on both sides of the bread and have jam in the middle to keep the bread fresh
  • Any dairy-free cheese, grating it first would improve texture
  • Cooked and sliced veggies, like roasted or grilled zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms and more! 

Some tips for freezing sandwiches

  • If you’re adding condiments before freezing, add them between other fillings to keep it from making the bread soggy. 
  • Avoid freezing raw vegetables like lettuce, pickles, or any veggies with the sandwich. Instead, make individual bags of veggie toppings to keep them fresh! 

A frozen sandwich can keep for about five days, so you can make all your kids’ lunches for the week in 20 minutes! 

Tip 2: Fresh Apples On The Go

Nobody wants to eat a browned apple! To keep an apple fresh until lunchtime, try using a rubber band to keep a sliced apple together or squeeze lemon juice on the slices to prevent oxidation. Sliced apple with some nut/seed butter dip is perfect for crunching the craving for an afternoon sweet treat! 

Tip 3: Water With A Delicious Twist

Lemon water

Can’t get the kids to drink plain water? Lemon water is refreshing and healthy- it aids digestion and gives an easy boost of Vitamin C levels! Recent research shows that lemon juice can help slow down the digestion of starch, allowing your body to absorb maximum nutrients from every meal and preventing blood sugar spikes (and crashes soon after)[1]. Lemon is also a rich source of Vitamin C and flavonoids, which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects[2]. You could also add frozen berries or melons for even more flavor! 

Tip 4: Grab & Go Station

Grab & Go Station

My favorite way to make packing snacks for school easy is an at-home grab-and-go station. I keep school snacks in a hanging shoe organizer behind our pantry door so the kids can grab what they need right before they head out the door. This gives them the freedom to choose what they want to eat and leaves me time to tend to other tasks that need done in the morning!

This tip is also great for keeping snacks and other items handy on road trips. Just tie the shoe holder to the back of a car seat! 


As you’re once again pulling out snackboxes and stocking your pantry in the next few weeks, keep these snackbox tips in mind to help you and your little ones start every morning in flow and with ease! 

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