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Purple Gifts Your Mom Will Love

I wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day! I love this day not because I'm a mom, but because I can take the opportunity to shower my amazing mom with lots of love and appreciation.  

Why is purple so special?

Well, for me, my mother’s favorite color is to purple so anything that color reminds me of her. Purple also happens to be the color for IBD awareness which is significant to me as an IBD warrior. Can you guess what kind of sweet potatoes are my favorite? That’s right - the purple ones! They taste amazing cooked, dried, and even frozen. Purple foods don’t just look pretty, they are a super-food too as they contain bioactive compounds called anthocyanins which are anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory for our digestive system.

So is purple a good color? As far as I can tell, yes. It’s got the calm stability of blue but also the fierce energy of red, combined. Purple is well liked and makes people feel great. Here are 5 unique purple inspirations to gift your special woman this Mother's Day. 

  • 1. Purple Tea + Chocolate = Heavenly Experience
  • I discovered Purple Leaf Tea by JusTea at a food expo last year and instantly fell in love with it so much that I've been enjoying it ever since. Their teas are completely natural, organic and hand-picked by local farmers in Kenya, creating the first-ever "Artisanal Tea Cottage Factory".

  • chocolate, purple tea, roses

    Wait til you hear all their varieties - JusTea’s Purple Loose Leaf Teas come in Purple Rain, Purple Jasmine, Purple Mint and my favorite Purple Chocolate. Purple Teas contain high amounts of anthocyanins so they have many health benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, reduce cholesterol, boost cognitive function and can help you during cold and flu season. Even nicer, every tin comes with a hand-crafted and beaded wooden spoon too. Gotta love what this family owned business is doing across the globe. 


    2. Positive Energy of Purple

    Give the gift of positive energy with purple crystals by Rocks with Sass.  Amethysts are bright purple crystals that are known for protection and helping you calm down and meditate. Each amethyst crystal helps to clear any negative energy in your body and replace it with peace and positive emotions. Founder Amanda Heslinga has an incredible story behind how she turned her crystal collection into wearable art and why she donates a portion of each sale to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. 

  • Rocks with Sass has a range of amethyst products including standard crystals, crystal hearts, and jewelry. This is a perfect Mother’s Day gift that reminds your mom to stay the courageous and strong woman you know her to be.

  • 3. DIY Lavender Essential Oils

  • Lavender essential oils are known for their relaxing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. These oils can be used to treat anything from minor burns and bug bites to anxiety and insomnia.

    There are tons of essential oil brands on the market, so you can’t go wrong! Or you could even make your own if you want to go the extra mile. Consider giving your mom some spa accessories in addition to the lavender essential oil so she can enjoy some quality relaxation at home any time she needs!


    4. Treat Her to a Purple Breakfast to Start The Day

    One of the best gifts we can give our moms is some quality time, so why not treat her to a wonderfully purple açaí bowl in your neighborhood? And by staying in the neighborhood, you get to support a local small business in the process!

    Not only will she enjoy catching up but she will also benefit from the crazy health benefits açaí has to offer. Just like other foods, açaí berries are anti-cancer, improve cholesterol levels and might even help to improve brain function.

  • 5. And of course… Snack with PURPOse!
  • If your mom is often on the go and appreciates healthy convenient foods, she is sure to love PURPO by Beviva Foods. One of our customers bought 24 cups to surprise his wife for Valentine's Day. As a teacher with a busy schedule, she was absolutely ecstatic to stock up on her favorite healthy and convenient snack on-the-go!

    I’m sure your mom will have the same reaction once you tell her about all of the health benefits. After all, she had to watch out for our health for all of those years, now it’s our turn! Our PURPO purple cereal is packed to the brim with antioxidants and is easy and eat on the go. Our specially formulated purple cereal doesn’t include any dairy, gluten, or nuts so everyone can snack with pleasure.

    Unfortunately, I will be missing spending time with my mom and kids this May 12th since I'm currently in Asia for the new products. Although I will miss my family like crazy, I can’t wait to get these new items out to you. Be sure to subscribe to our On The Hop club emails so you can be the first to pre-order our introductory Beviva Snack Pack soon with some extra surprise products inside.

    If you’re stressing about what to get your mom this Mother’s Day just remember that the best gift of them all is appreciation on a daily basis. Send her a daily deposit of love and happiness. 💜 ~ Sylvia

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