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5 Great Reasons You'll Love The New PURPO

As a first birthday present to Beviva (and all of you), my team and I have been working on improving the PURPO formula behind the scenes to make the best IBD healthy snack for IBD, plant-based diets, and various digestive sensitivities. PURPO is a functional food that makes it convenient to eat cereal on the go and more importantly, for its health benefits towards digestion, making it a great daily snack on the hop for everyone, regardless of any diet.

Coming this summer, PURPO will not only be more purple in color and smoother in texture - but there will be many other things to love about it. So what exactly is changing? Take a look at the new packaging and see if you can guess!

Beviva All-in-one cereal

Do you see it? You got it! Here’s what’s to expect:

  1. Added Prebiotics & Probiotics - PURPO will help nourish and support your digestive system even more with some hearty pre & probiotics. Inulin is a soluble fiber that is found in various plants that acts as a prebiotic and benefits the natural bacteria in the gut. While in the intestines, inulin (as well as the other prebiotics) ease digestion and nourish colon cells.
  1. Use of Organic & Gluten Free Oats - Our goal is to be as allergen friendly as possible. If you are gluten intolerant, you’ll be happy to know that we did the switch and are now using organic gluten-free certified oats in our mylk. By using organic oats, you can reap the health benefits without the worry of herbicide residues from Glyphosate that has been found in many non-organic oat products.
  1. Less than 1 gram of added sugar - woohoo! For those of you who have been waiting for this, we are happy to say that you can enjoy PURPO’s light tasting granola without any added sugar thanks to our product development team who focused on maintaining the flavor from the sweet potatoes, shredded coconut, and dried fruits.
  1. A Boost to 8 grams of Fiber - Our mylk isn’t the only formula change heading your way. The new PURPO is also receiving a boost in fiber from adding soluble corn fiber to the granola. Each cup of PURPO will have 8 grams of fiber, so you can keep snacking with pleasure. Fiber is great for digestive health and soluble fiber can even help alleviate symptoms of IBD.
  1. Oat “Mylk”? - You read that right. Our cup label received a fresh new look to make it easier for people to know what’s inside. We even went ahead of the curve and renamed our milk to “oat mylk” to clearly distinguish from dairy products. Oat mylk has been gaining a lot of traction recently in the Foodie community, and for good reason! It is a good non-dairy alternative that resembles dairy milk’s creamy texture and has a neutral flavor all while staying nut and soy free.

Beviva All-in-one cereal close up

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