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Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods
Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack - Beviva Foods

Hopper Sweet Potato Snack Pack

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Stock Update: Aw shucks, looks like our delicious chips are taking a little longer than expected to arrive in our warehouse. Sorry for the wait - please enjoy our crunchy granolas for now to keep snacking on the hop.


Save 20% When You Order 12 Hoppin' Favorites

So you love the taste and health benefits of our purple sweet potato snacks. Great! Now you can save time and money by stocking up on these convenience snacks in your bag, car, office drawer, pantry, and more. Receive 12 snacks in this item and you'll be ready to snack on the hop! 

6 x PURPO Granola Pouches

Enjoy a festive mix of crisp rice, purple sweet potato and shredded coconut studded with toothsome nuggets of dried cranberries, sultanas and papaya. Eat it right out from the bag, with mylk, or as a topping to oatmeal, yogurt, or your favorite dessert bowl. 

4 x PURPO  All-in-One Cereal Cups
Satisfy your snack craving with a crispy and colorful superfood punch of purple sweet potato granola with instant oat mylk just by adding cold water. Comes with the bowl and spoon, PURPO promotes digestion and adds convenience to your busy lifestyle. 

2 x Sweet Potato Chips Bag
Indulge into this feel-good chip for its super crunch, natural flavor (no salt), vacuum fried benefits (no acrylamide), and hearty satisfaction. It comes in a resealable bag so you can eat as you need. 

For ingredients and nutritional information, please refer to the individual product pages for details.
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Amy G.
United States United States

The chips and granola are delicious

Beviva Foods

Hi Amy! Glad you enjoyed them :) please stay in touch for future deals!

nice variety pack to try a 3 different products at once.

I like being able to try 3 different products in one variety pack. Since it's advertised as a snack pack, the chips packages were much bigger than I imagined. Not a problem to me at all since the chips were my favorite of the 3. The granola and cereal cup were more the single serving size I imagined.

5.0 out of 5 stars These snacks are so perfect for a healthy, on the go snack!

I was looking for some snacks for work and i came across these and decided to give them a try. They are healthy, nutritious, and low in sugar and high in fiber... like what's not to love right? So i got them and i tried them out and let me tell you, THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. The potato chips are so delicious and they work with everything. Like i tried them with hummus and it was delicious. sweet potato and hummus, who would've thought. lols. They also have the right amount of salt which is great because some other products say they are healthy and the sodium content is through the roof! Then I gave the granola a try and i loved it too. I am a person who checks the nutrition label alot, and i like the fact that you can eat the whole pack without feeling bad about it. lols It's so nice and calms those sugar cravings which i also love. I don't know you guys, but i really enjoyed this. i haven't really found something similar in stores and these are amazing for wanting to snack on something or for when you forget to pack lunch and you start getting hangry. But man, those potato chips were so guilt-free!! lols. They should offer more in the pack!


Finally a healthy, yummy snack that's good for my gut and can help me sleep at nite (yams for some reason really help a good nite's sleep). The granola is really tasty and so fun to eat. Love that it comes with 2 portal 'to go' packages, one in a cup and one in a snack bag. The chips are really good and will be a holiday hit. Bought more as gifts for family and friends especially kiddos that have IBD and celiac. Stay happy and healthy. I'm lovin PURPO!

Kim H.
Sweet Potato Heaven!

These snacks are amazing! Great for on the go!!! The chips and granola are my favorites. I LOVE Sweet Potato so it's great to see them in Snack Form. The chips are fantastic if you drizzle them with melted dark chocolate and a little sea salt!