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Taking Cereal On The Go

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America's First All-in-one Plant Based Cereal Cup

75% of people we surveyed say they do not take cereal on the go because it's a hassle. That's because you have to bring a bowl, a spoon, your cereal and your milk. Well, here's how PURPO can help you eat little & often - it has all of that in one light-weight container plus the health benefits of digestive friendly ingredients and a powdered oat & purple sweet potato milk, so all you need is water!


Pour oat milk powder into cup.


Fill emptied pouch with cold water.


Stir well with spoon (included).


Pour in Purple Sweet Potato Granola.

How is PURPO special?

  1. America's first all-in-one cereal cup that contains an instant milk.
  2. The first granola made with purple sweet potato on the market.
  3. Helps people with dairy, wheat, and nut allergies snack more often.
  4. Made with only Plant based ingredients.
  5. Travel & TSA friendly

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Did You Know The 2nd Leading Cause of Cancer In Us Is Bowel Cancer?

According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, plant foods are good sources of phytochemicals which help protect Cells in the body from damage that can lead to cancer.Purple sweet potatoes in particular have been studied and found to have functional benefits for gur health. They are rich in anthocyanins, a bio-avtive compound that suppresses the spread of cancer cells, they have anti-inflammatory properties, and they are easy to digest. Here's what else is in the cup.

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Yes, You CAN Carry Your Plant Based Milk Through TSA At Airports

Ever been hungry in places with no healthy food choices or for some of us, foods that are made with ingredients we can eat? We've been there, many times in fact. That's why we came out with a nutritious cereal & plant based milk you can enjoy anytime anywhere, even airports. So as you hop around busily throughout the day, carry PURPO in your pouch and you're well on your way.

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To Work
To Hikes
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On The Plane
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While I was in the hospital, I didn't have many food options. Beviva's PURPO was a savior because it was a delicious & nutritious snack I could eat whenever I needed it. Now I take PURPO with me wherever I go!

-Megan C., Rancho Cucamunga CA

The fact that PURPO is easy to carry and healthy makes it the perfect breakfast when I'm on campus. It's even a great snack between my classes.

-Henry T., Berkeley CA

As a teacher, I often don't have time to take full breaks. On one busy and reainy day, I didn't bring any food but thankfully I had a PURPO cereal cup in my drawer that saved me from skipping a meal!

-Elaine E., Upland CA