Tummy friendly snacks on the hop!

What is PURPO?

PURPO stands for Purple (sweet) Potato. 

It's a convenient snack cup made with a gluten free granola & dairy free powdered milk, so when you need a snack - you just pour & stir!

How is PURPO special?

  • America's first all-in-one cereal cup that contains an instant milk.
  • The first granola made with purple sweet potato on the market.
  • Helps people with dairy, gluten, and nut allergies snack more often.
  • Made with only Plant based ingredients.
  • Travel & TSA friendly

What is in the Cup?

  • A dairy free milk powder made from oats and purple sweet potatoes.
  • A handy little spoon
  • A gluten free granola made with the ingredients below.