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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

You have questions, we have answers! 

For further assistance, contact us at hello (at) bevivafoods (dot) com or call (707) 742-3559. We're here to help.

What exactly is in the PURPO Cup?

Everything you need for cereal, including the bowl, the spoon, a pouch of purple sweet potato granola, and a pouch of oat mylk. All you need is water!

How do you measure the water for the mylk? Can I use hot water too?

After you pour the mylk powder into the cup, save the empty pouch! Fill the pouch with cold water to measure about 3 ounces of water, then pour the water into the cup to mix the powder. You can also use any mylk of your choice.


While the product was designed to serve as a cold cereal, customers have told us they enjoy it just as much in a hot application. Note: do not pour hot water into the pouch! 

What is in the mylk?

Our mylk is plant based and is made with organic gluten free oats, purple sweet potatoes, inulin (a prebiotic) and probiotics (see ingredients for strands).

Are your products gluten free, organic & non-GMO?
Gluten Free - No gluten ingredients are added in our products, however we are not gluten free certified at the moment. If you have a gluten allergen, please note that we produce and pack our products in a facility that also processes gluten. Our oat mylk is made with certified gluten free oats.
Organic - No, they are not. We do use certified organic oats in the oat mylk powder.
Non-GMO - our PURPO cereal cup and granola pouches are made with non-GMO ingredients, however they are not certified at this time.

Are the products vegan?

Absolutely! We're all about plant based snacks on the go.

Are the products free from soy, nuts, and corn?

Our products contain no soy ingredients, however the facility does process soy. Besides coconuts, they do not contain any nut ingredients but if you are allergic to almonds, please know that the facility processes almonds. Our products are not corn free.

Is it free of refined sugar?

PURPO contains less than one gram of added sugar and primarily uses inulin which is a type of soluble fiber that is found in many plants (also considered as a prebiotic).

Is the packaging recyclable?

The paper cup and lid, foil pouches, and plastic spoon are all recyclable in many cities. The current packaging was chosen to best mix the product and to maintain freshness as we do not use preservatives. However we strive to improve our friendliness to the environment whenever possible.

Where is the product made?

Our products is made in Taiwan, who are well known for growing purple fleshed sweet potatoes. They are also long-time users of oat mylk beverages.

Can I buy PURPO Granola in family size to eat at home?

We love the idea of eating PURPO at home. While we are still working on offering the granola in family size, you can enjoy the granola by the pouch so you can enjoy them at home or take them wherever you go for a quick snack, a cereal in your own mylk, or to make your yummy desserts purple!

Are there other flavors?

Currently there is only the one original flavor, but don't worry, we already have some new flavors lined up to launch soon. 

Where can I find it in stores?

We are exclusively online right now on our website or on We are in the process of rolling into food service retail locations so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when we are in places near you.