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Breakfast Granola & Fruit Cups to Go

Need to start your day quick?

Grab a PURPO cereal cup, some water and your favorite fruit toppings for this easy and nutritious breakfast on the go.
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What you'll need:

  • 1 PURPO All-in-One Cereal Cup

  • 1/2 Cup of Cold Water or plant based milk of your choice

  • Flavoring of your choice (cinnamon, turmeric, ginger powder)

  • Toppings (shredded coconut, cocoa nibs)

  • Fruits (seasonable berries, slices of apples, peaches, mangoes)

Here's how:

  1. Prepare your cereal cup with the provided cup and spoon in package. Add water and stir under well mixed. 

  2. Top with your favorite toppings and flavoring. 

  3. Now you're ready to start your day. Enjoy!


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