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Why should you eat Purple Sweet Potatoes?

purple power

PURPLE FOODS support a healthy gut. PURPO® snacks KEEP you in flow.

Allergen Friendly Ingredients

✔ Gluten Free
✔ Vegan
✔ Soy and Nut Free
✔ No Artificial Ingredients

Supports a Healthy Microbiome

✔ Antioxidants & Anthocyanins
✔ Pre + Probiotics
✔ High in Fiber
✔ Plant Based Benefits

Grab 'N Go Ready

✔ Great for home & travel
✔ Kid Approved
✔ Just Add Water
✔ TSA friendly

Need more time & snack variety?

Want to stay energized & in flow?

Our PURPOse is to help families get in their best flow.

95% of happiness is determined by your gut, so healthy habits go a long way in fueling flow and energy to your head brain and heart brain.

But we don't just promote the 3-Brain philosophy - we live it.

Our mompreneur founder, Sylvia Tam, is raising three kidpreneurs herself, all while managing IBD digestive symptoms. In fact, that was the inspiration that tied her food innovation (gut), teaching passion (head), and volunteering advocacy (heart) all together into Beviva's 3-Step Flow System.

Learn how to use the power of food to ignite your family's passion journey.

"It's time for you and your kids to be in flow!" ~ Sylvia Tam, founder of Beviva

BEnjamin, host of Youngtrep Podcast
VIani, recipe developer
VAnessa, social media expert

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What Hopper Club members are saying

The perfect snack for families and working parents!
I absolutely LOVE these snacks. We got them for my office and home and they are the perfect size, totally (and dangerously) delicious.

Russ P., Serial Entrepreneur

Sylvia is a wonderful mentor to young people! She consistently goes above and beyond to help inspire future leaders of today. Her passion, positive attitude and patience for coaching young people is infectious, and quite refreshing!

Michelle R., Mom of 2 Kids

PURPO granola is so easy to digest as I have Crohn's Disease and have found it difficult to eat many things over the years. It tastes great and gives me that satisfying crunch that I'm always looking for.

Stephanie L., Podcast Host & IBD Warrior

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